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Strength Training

Workout - Strength Training
Submitted by: Tj McMichael
Sport Picture
TitleStrength Training
Length of total workout15 Minutes
Date Submitted2007-07-30 21:16:44
Glutes (Butt)
Quadriceps (Thighs)YES
Pectoral (Chest)YES
Latissimus (Lats)YES
WorkoutMany people say to lift heavy weights to get stronger, however there is another approach we can take without lifting the heavy weights. Slow lift strength training is very effective and may offer some people that are stuck at a certain weight a way to excel past that point. You may need a partner to count out loud because you won't be able to.

You will only be doing one set for each routine. Each set will take 90 seconds to complete. The weight used should be 60% of your 1 rep max.

Here is how it works. It is a very slow lift. It should take you 7 seconds to get the weight in the down position and 7 seconds to push the weight up and that would be 1 rep and you continue without stopping until you get to about 12 reps or at 90 seconds. Your partner will count and when they get to 7 you will have the weight down and at 14 you will have the weight pushed up and at 21 the weight will be in the down position again and so on.
This workout may sound easy or like it will not work but your body recruits more muscle fibres when you lift like this.

1 X Bench Press
1 X Leg Extension
1 X Leg Curl
1 X Ab Curl *
1 X Military Press with Dumbbells
1 X Lat Pull Down
1 X Pull Ups

* Hang from pull up bar and keep your head looking forward and straight, keep your knees together and bring them up as high as you can as if you were trying to make them touch your chin.

A great full body strength training workout. Make sure to do the workout exactly as described.