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Tj McMichael
Sport Picture
Member Since: 06/25/2007
Last Login: 02/03/2012
Age: 37
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 151
Hits: 3709
Villa Angela St Joseph VASJ
Cleveland Ohio
High School
Graduation Date: 04/20/1999

Walsh University
North Canton Ohio
College University
Degree: BS
Major: Computer Science
Graduation Date: 05/01/2003

If you don't plan for nothing then you plan to fail
My YouTube Videos!

My Sports
Track and Field - Sprinter
Strengths: Start Phase
Improvements: Top end speed

Soccer - Forward
Strengths: Speed, Play Maker, Positioning, & Scoring
Improvements: Foot Skills & Ball Touch

About Me
55 Meter Dash: 6.60 FAT 2002
60 Meter Dash: 7.17 FAT 2002
100 Meter Dash: 10.92 FAT 2002
200 Meter Dash: 21.87 FAT 2003

Bench: 290 lbs
Squat: 325 lbs
Clean: ?
Deadlift: ?
Vertical: 28 in
40 yard dash: 4.41 sec
Broad Jump: 8' 8"

Short Term Goals

55 Meter Dash: 6.45
60 Meter Dash: 7.05


Bench: 300 lbs
Squat: 355 lbs
Clean: 200 lbs
Vertical: 28 in
40 yard dash: 4.31 sec
Broad Jump: 9' 0"

General: Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Paintball, Competitions, Swimming, Biking, Bowling, Cooking out, Watching Movies, Jogging, Dance Revolution Check out my profile: Tj McMichael
Favorite Athletes: Michael Jordan, Mo Greene, Michael Johnson
Favorite Teams: Broncos, Ohio State Football, Browns, Indians, Cleveland Caviliers
Favorite Coaches: McCallion
Just For Athletes
My Favorites
Jump Rope
Ab Workout
Strength Training
Circuit Training
Exercise for woman
Speed Training - 40 yard dash

Activities I created
Akron Indoor Soccer League - Soccer

Groups I created
Mulligans - Soccer
Groups I am on

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Tj McMichael

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