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Golden Boy
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Member Since: 06/30/2007
Last Login: 06/30/2007
Euclid, Ohio
Age: 31
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 205
Hits: 919
Villa Angela St. Joseph

High School
Degree: Diploma
Graduation Date: 05/21/2004

Youngstown State University

College University
Major: Exercise Science Minor: Biology
Graduation Date: 08/01/2009

"Take it how u want it but ima give it how u need it?"

My Sports
Basketball - Guard
Strengths: shooter
Improvements: Follow Through

Football - Tailback
Strengths: Agility
Improvements: Speed

Track and Field - Sprinter
Improvements: Speed

Wrestling -
Strengths: Endurance, Strength, Speed, Power, Flexibility
Improvements: None im da Shiii

About Me

Get Faster Stronger better!

General: Playing all types of sports, even trying new ones.
Favorite Athletes: Warrick Dunn
Favorite Teams: Cavaliers, Broncos, Falcons, Indians,
Favorite Coaches: Tom Scheon and Mike Shanahann, Coach Harris
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Golden Boy

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