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Indoor Soccer Game Update: Still no Victory

Tj McMichael
2007-11-27 10:52:48

I arrived a bit late to the soccer game and the team was just about ready to start the game. So far only enough people has shown up to play and we don't have any subs. This is going to be a tough game. A few more players from our team showed up as we were getting started and that was good because a few people needed a to take a break. I felt pretty good so far and I was not that tired at all. We ended up getting the first goal which was really nice to be in the lead. Shortly after we score our goal the other team scored on us.

So it was tied 1-1 early in the game both teams were playing hard. Our oppenents were pretty tough because of their foot skill and passing ability. They were able to keep posession of the ball really well and make really good passes. I feel that our team needs improvement with passing and keeping posession of the ball. We play really good defense when we play our oppenents close, but some of our players including myself at times get caught not sticking with our man. Some of us also leave our man that we are suppose to be guarding to help out a teammate and that hurts us because it leaves a man open. NOW WE'RE IN A CHASE MODE. It always feel like a team in is destroying us because I feel like we are in this mode but they usually aren't. They ended up scoring another two goals and lead 2-1. I then scored a header to tie the game at two. When need to break away and score five in a row to just get ahead but that did not happen the game stayed pretty close and by half time the score was 4-5 with the with the oppenents leading at the half.

After the half our oppenents came out strong and score five goals really quick and our guys was starting to down about the outcome. We kept playing hard and ended up scoring about four goals ourself. We still needed two goals to get tied with our oppenents and the score was 10-8. We were in a serious catch up mode because the time was winding down now. They score another goal and then we responded with another goal. Within the last minutes of play was so frustrating because we were so tired and they was possessing the ball really well and they ended up with the victory 11-9.

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