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I have cheap equipment

Tj McMichael
2007-11-15 08:25:54

It was so tough to start my workout lastnight. I ended up starting an hour later than I was suppose to because I was trying to convince myself to get started. Usually, I have been excited and pumped about working out but lastnight was totally different. You all know the feeling when you have a hard workout that you have to do and you find reasons not to start the workout. I probably was missing something from my diet or I didn't get enough sleep the night before. Who knows? Maybe I should start taking a multi-vitamin since my lifting has been more intense and it is really wearing me down. Yeah, that's it...I felt really wore down last night as if I just ran a long jog and my body is to fatigue to workout hard. I have felt like this before and that usually started my inconsistency with training until I end up stopping all together. This is the only time I have been like this since I have gotten back into my groove so hopefully I'll be better from now on, however I didn't get much sleep lastnight either so we will see how tonights training session will be.

Tonight I don't think that I will even lift because my body is still pretty sore from the last few days of lifting so I will probably have a short sprint workout to concentrate on my drive phase.

2 x 3 x 30M
2min rep rest 5min set rest
90%-95% Effort

This time of the year I'm trying not to train for nothing but the 60 Meter Dash because I need the speed. If I don't get faster then my 100 and 200 Meter races will not be any good. My goal right now is to start the year with a PR and then go from there. I like the short training as well because I can focus more on my form and quality of my sprint rather than just the quanity.

My workout lastnight was focus on my quads and the leg extension is something that I have been using lately to build a good base for strength. I have had my weight bench a little over a year and in that time I have noticed that there were a few things that I didn't like or even noticed before. One of the things that I noticed after a while was that the metal was not as thick as I thought it should be and when I'm lifting heavy weight that worries me a lot. I would always wonder if the bench would be able to support the weight that I was using and if not what will happen it was to give while I was using it. Can you believe that I was in the middle of my leg extension lift and the whole leg curl/leg extension section broke off the bench. I was so pissed because it was the metal around the welded area that broken off so that was not something that I can't weld back together. And even if it was welded back on I wouldn't trust it anymore. This is very upsetting because what if the welding breaks off and I am bench pressing. That would be scary because the weight would fall on me then...I also have the hooks on the back of the bench so if I wanted to do squats and I use that all the time and with a lot of weight but I probably will not be using that with so much anymore becuase that would be dangerous too. What should I do to keep my training intense using this bench? Right now I am just angry but hopefully I will work something out.

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