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Indoor Soccer Game Tragedy

Tj McMichael
2007-11-20 07:29:52

Another soccer game down the tubes. I admit that it was a tough game but I think we really gave up a lot. The team we play was not really better than us, even though the did win, but I think we under play our potential and gave up after a while. We were really tired but the other team was tired too so that's not an excuse. The opportunities that the other team had versus ours was very similar however they ended up scoring when we didn't.

What was the finally score you ask? You really don't want to know. Lets say that the referee stop adding points to the other team.

If I remember right the score at half time was 7-1...Pretty bad huh! With about four minutes left the score was 13-1 WOW! I ended up scoring 4 points in that last 4 minutes and if I had of been finishing that well before then we would have been in the lead. That's not true because the other team were getting tired and that probably gave me an advantage. I made three shots with my left foot and one with my right.

Throughout the game I was pretty tired because I was on the field a lot more. Each week I'm getting in better shape to run harder longer on the field. One thing that I did notice was that my shins were very tight and almost over worked. This past week I remember my shins feeling sore and sometimes fatigued but I never really knew where it was coming from until now. It's strange because my shins have never gotten this over worked from anything or even last soccer season. Hopefully, it's not a bad thing and it won't hinder me from training. Another thing that I noticed was I only run hard enough to beat whoever I'm running against to get the ball. I thought about it when I was running to a ball last night and I know that I can run faster but I don't. The only logical explaination was if I do run faster then I will wear myself out and I will not be able to run hard any more and with soccer you need to have something available at all times just in case the ball comes your way.

Next game will be at 9:30 pm...And if you think that's late our game last night was at 10:30 pm. That's usually our lastest game. The pains that I usually have after are all over my back. A GOOD massage would be perfect now. I don't care who does it just get in there. I'm curious to see how my energy levels will be for tonights workout because they are not good now and I think I will need a miracle to get a good workout tonight.

Til next time

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