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Indoor Soccer Game Report

Tj McMichael
2007-12-04 11:34:27

We finally won...Oh, what a feeling.

We all played really well and held off our opponents. We started off well and scored first which I thinks mentally give us an advantage. The other team played ok, but I thought they would have been playing a bit better. The Mexican teams are usually the hardest for us but we pulled this game off.

By half time we were leading 6-2 which felt really good. I had two goals myself and I was pretty happy with that. My goal was to get 4 goals so I hopefully I can pull off two more in the second half. Once the second half started, I noticed that we were playing different in a bad way. The other team had score several goals and was catching up to us. We had to turn it around or else they would take the lead on us, so we ended up scoring a few more just to stay ahead of them. I always like having the big lead so that the team can play a little more relaxed and have fun playing.

At the end we were able to hold the other team off with a final score of 9-7

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