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My foot is starting to get to me more and more

Tj McMichael
2007-11-14 21:08:13

I have been training good for about two months now and I still don't feel that much stronger or even more important more powerful. Actually the first month of my training was primarily to lose body fat and diet. I think I did well with that because I started off at around 157 lbs and got down to 149 lbs. I know that is light but for 5'6" I had more fat than I wanted to have. Most people will say that oh your fine but the athletes will agree that they know how much that can your performance.

Back when I was dieting I was lifting light weight to at least maintain my muscle mass and to also condition my muscles since I didn't do anything all summer and last spring. I have a long way to go! Last track season I only competed in the Kent State Indoor meet in December and that was it. I wish I would have ran the rest of the indoor and outdoor season but I never trained so that ended my season early. In a way I wish that running track was as easy as just a pick up game of basketball or soccer. When you are competing throughout the season in track you can't just go out there and run with out training or you will get smoked. You have to train HARD to do better and the clock doesn't lie.

Now, I am in more of a build muscle phase of my training and I am looking to gain about 10 lbs of muscle and since I have been training on a regular basis I am looking to run this track season. I also have been playing indoor soccer which is so fun but it has already cause me a minor injury. Hopefully it will not hurt my performance to much. We started the soccer season about two weeks ago and the very first game I got kick in my foot. Later that night my foot was swollen like a balloon so I iced it and took some pain medicine. It was a lot better the next day and throughout the week, I even play my next game fine but the day after my second it started bothering my again. I couldn't believe it because it has been fine for so long and when I check my foot I noticed that it was still swollen. Now I know that I have to pay a little more attention to that injury before it get worst. My sprints last night suffered a bit because I was feeling that nagging pain with every step of my right foot.

I do not need this right now! My training is getting harder and more intense and I need to pull through this soon. I am looking to run in the Kent State track meet in december but this injury may keep me from getting on the track.

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