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We Barely Won

Tj McMichael
2008-02-12 11:53:18

Last weekend my daughter won her indoor soccer scoring six goals. That was the most she has score in one game so we was really proud of her. She played her position extremely well, dribble the ball close to her body, made good shots on goal and it helped her to score more points.

Now, since she scored six in one game that puts the pressure on me to try and score that many in one game. That would be really tough to do, but it can be done. I don't consider myself and extremely good ball handler but I somehow get in good positions to make easy goals. Sometimes it is skills.

Last night we started off really bad. The other team didn't even have any subs and we had only two subs so I think we would have the edge but I was wrong. They started off strong and got a quick three goal lead. I responded with a goal but they scored three more by half and another person from our team scored.

I figured the second half would be ours because the other team would be getting extremely tired and some of that was true because we came out and scored four goals really quick to tie the game up, but shortly after our oppenents scored again to keep the lead at 7-6. We then score again to tie and they scored again to take the lead. By this time everyone is tired and running on E. Finally, we scored again to tie the game at 8-8. In my head I'm thinking, "Ok, lets take the lead". It seemed like the referee was on the other team because he gave the other team a goal that wasn't really a goal and few other calls. After our oppenents scored a few more goals I started to think that this game was over. We had about5 minutes left and we were down by two points.

Our whole team got a second wind and raise it up a knotch to score two more goals to tie the game. Time is the only thing now and both teams worked really hard this game. In the last minute I came out because of getting hit in my upper shin. I just want my team to keep them from scoring again, but something better happen. We scored again with 30 seconds left on the clock and took the lead. Our team was barely able to hold off our oppenents and we came away with a victory of 10-11. I ended up scoring four goals.

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