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1st Indoor Track Meet - Kent State Gala

Tj McMichael
2007-12-05 11:56:46

My training for track has not been as precise as I would like it. My diet has slipped a bit, probably because of Thanksgiving, and I'm not doing all of the little things that I think will make a difference.

I want to do a short ab workout on a daily basis like I did my junior and senior year in college. Step ups are something that helped me get good knee lift and I would want to do that every other day, but I either forget, put it off, put it off and forget; to put it simply, I just don't do it.

Don't get me wrong, I have good lifting and workout sessions and every now and then get a good ad workout or step up routine, but it is not that consistent. I have been trying to work my calf muscles too so my vertical would improve and I maybe get my calves worked out once a week. That's sad!

I did increase my standing broad jump from 8'6" to 8'8". I thought I reached 8'10" for a moment but one of my feet was back further so it is eight feet and eight inches. A two inch improvement means that I am getting more powerful, right? I sure hope so and I hope to at least get a PR at the Kent State Gala Track Meet.

My entry time is 7.18 for the 60 Meter dash and my best is a 7.17. Right now I am so nervous because I haven't ran against anyone in a while and I feel like I have some ok speed but when I get out there it might not be fast enough. If I run my drive phase the way I am suppose to then I think the rest of my race will be fine but I have not had too much repitition with my drive phase to have it perfected. The other thing that scares me is trying to use blocks because all the sprint I run are on the street and I haven't used blocks since this track meet last year.

I'm not really worried about the 200 Meter dash since I am really looking to just get faster now in the 60. The time I entered myself in was 22.98 that might be a stretch because I haven't done any 200 Meter training. Although, last year was the same and I ended up running 23.26 and shutting down with 15 meters to go. My best 200 at the Kent State indoor track is a 22.81 and I know I did a lot more endurance work then.

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