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2007 Kent State Gala Track Meet Results

Tj McMichael
2007-12-10 10:01:39

This was by far the quickest track meet I ever been to. The mens 60 Meter dash prelim was scheduled to start at 11:55 am, and I usually like to start warming up an hour before my race. It was 11:30 am when I arrived to the track so I'm in a rush mode now and that makes it harder to focus on my race. I immediately check-in with the clerk and check to see what heat I will be running in. If I'm in one of the last heats then that would give me more time to warm up and get my block settings right. After checking in I found out that I am in one of the last heats (Heat 10) so I went off to warm up for my first 60 Meter dash in a year. As nervous as I was I was expecting to false start. My warm up was not that great, mainly because I didn't want to over work myself but I really should be in better shape so I don't over work myself warming up. There are a lot of warm ups that I usually do to get prepared for my race and I didn't do any of them. No drills at all. I only did a few build ups and very light stretching. I don't know what I was thinking.

After running a few build up sprints I got a pair of starting blocks to get an idea of my footing position since it has been so long since I've used blocks. The blocks didn't feel right like something was missing and I wasn't coming out of the blocks right. Oh well, my race was coming up and I was thinking that it was good enough. Anyways, once my race comes up I will probably position my blocks a little bit more then. Shortly after playing with the blocks my race did come up and I was so nervous. It was hard to focus on what I need to do in the race. One thought was race everyone and don't worry about my form because I'm suppose to think about my form when I practice. The other thought was get out with the first step and use good form throughout my drive phase and that is usuallly what I think about right before the gun fires but I was so confused now. I really don't know what to expect now because I have been off for a year now, and I haven't trained with anyone in a while. The thing that I am worried about the most was what if my drive phase isn't fast enough. I practice by myself but I'm not running next to anyone to push me more so at home I think I may be going fast but it's really not fast enough.


The gun goes off and I do get the first step down first but everyone makes up that ground with the next step. They then pull forward a little bit more and then we all maintain our position in the drive phase with me just behind everyone. My transition from my drive phase to my top end speed was not as good as it could of been by far and I had some ground to make up. One person lead the pack with about two to three meters and I was behind the rest of everyone else by a half of a meter at the 30 meter mark. My top end speed was better than most of my competitors in my heat because I started to catch up and pass all the sprinters except for the leader who ended up finishing about 2 meters in front of me. He ended up running a 7.11 and my time was 7.34 which is not good at all. Last year when I ran at this meet I ran a 7.26 and that is not that good either. Should I have not taken the year off or warmed up better. I felt fine running although my drive phase really hurt me....I know there is a lot of room for improvement there but I still didn't think that I would do that bad.

My 200 meter race was next but that was not until 4:40 pm and it was 12:20 pm at the time so left the track meet and came back later to run my next race. I haven't trained for the 200 meter dash race so I didn't really expect to do well in that event. I've never left a track meet after running an event and then came back to run another so I was worried that I was going to miss my event. They usually run behind at this track meet but I still made plans to be on time. I arrived at 4:20 pm and when I got there they were getting ready to run the first heat of the 200 meter dash. The schedule said that it wasn't suppose to start until 4:40 pm so again I had to check in with the clerk and see what heat I'm in and it is not so good this time because I'm in heat six. Again, I didn't do any drills and just a few build ups to prepare for the 200 meter dash. I know that isn't the way to get warmed up for a race but I felt at the time that I wouldn't do any better if I had tried to do anything else.

It never fails that when I run the 200 meter dash, I end up hitting a brick wall before I get to the end. Usually at the beginning of the track season I'll be able to run hard for the first 120 meters and by mid season 150 meters and by the end of the season 180 meters and closer to 200 meters depending on how my training is going at the time. Even if I start out easy, I will still hit that brick wall and start slowing down so my strategy is to always go out as hard as I can and hold my speed out longer than the time before. This has seem to help me peak well in the 200 meter dash. I also try to make it my business to make up the stagger as soon as possible and I usually do. That was my mentality at the beginning of this race but it didn't happen exactly that way. I started out good and made up only a step coming out of the blocks. I worked hard to catch up early and noticed that I was working a lot harder then usual to make up that ground. My steps felt off and not as powerful and I was using a lot of energy that I know I will need. It wasn't until the end of the curve until I made up the stagger but shortly after I hit that brick wall and everything went downhill from there. My time was the worst ever running on that track. (24.09)

I wasn't worried as much by the 200 meter performace as I was about the 60 meter dash because I have not train at all for the 200 and I've been busting my butt for the 60. Now, I have to reevaluate the whole meet and see what I need to change to turn my performances around.

My 7 year old daughter Keimara had a indoor soccer game last saturday and she scored 3 goals. I told her that I would write about it. She does really well, however she we need to find a way to get her into better shape because she is so tired when she plays.

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