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Indoor Soccer Game Report / Random Thoughts

Tj McMichael
2007-12-12 10:45:03

I'm not sure what week we are in now for our indoor soccer season. All I know is that it is fun playing. I enjoy playing soccer because it is very competitive and unpredictable. There are so many ways you can pass and score and build up the momentum. Even though I love track, I won't be able to compete in that long term like I would be able to with soccer. Running track requires so much time where soccer doesn't. Example...I play in my soccer games once a week and I don't practice at all in between games to prepare for the upcoming game. It's more of like an organized pick up game of soccer but still competitive. In track you can't just go to the track meet and expect to run the same times or better times without training EVERYDAY. And all your training should include lifting, running, stretching, sleeping right, eating right, amd more. The point is that I would be able to play soccer longer and enjoy it, rather than training everyday to compete in track.

I talked with my old roommate, George Theodoris, about my last meet and about not running track anymore because my performance at the last meet. He suggested that I continue and that the track meet was only my first meet in a year so I shouldn't judge everything on that one meet. I agree, however it is very hard to put it pass me.

So how did the soccer game go?

It was really good. We started off the game really aggressive and energized. I think that we expect the team to be better then they were, at least I did, so we went out hard going after them. After playing for a little while we realized that the team was not all that good and we backed off a lot but it didn't hurt us because the team only scored one point the whole game and that was in the first 5 minutes. We ended up scoring 9 points and I had only one goal with three or four assist.

I didn't feel as if I played my best so I was a bit discouraged after the game. My legs were starting to hurt right above my knees but I was able to keep playing.

I can't wait for next week to play and try to score some more goals.

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